Meet The Team

Meet Your Minneapolis Photography Experts!

Founded nearly a half-century ago, Kemmettmueller Photography is committed to providing the highest quality of photography services with a dedication to total customer satisfaction. Our team is passionate about delivering the best results possible to all of our Twin Cities clients, so you can trust that your photos will capture beautiful memories for years to come.

Here are the people who make up the Kemmetmueller Photography family!

Matthew Kemmetmueller Headshot Photo

Matthew Kemmetmueller


“I think Rocky is the greatest movie ever made.”

Jessica Brown Headshot Photo

Jessica Brown

Director of School Photography

“I've never seen a Rocky movie to this date.”

Josh Hunt Headshot Photo

Josh Hunt

Director of Sports Photography

“I own over 7,000 records!”

Spencer Fittante Headshot Photo

Spencer Fittante

Production Manager

“I like Loons way more than Ben does.”

Baily Headshot Photo


“I was Matthew's first KP employee.”

Brianna Silvers Headshot Photo

Brianna Silvers

Scheduling Manager

“I auditioned for a TV show when I was 12!”

Dylan Singer Headshot Photo

Dylan Singer

Client Success Manager

“I've been to 19 different countries.”

Buster Douglas Headshot Photo

Buster Douglas

“I only work Tuesdays-Thursdays.”

Gianna Jubie Headshot Photo

Gianna Jubie

Department Coordinator and Communications Associate

“I attended a Marvel LA Premiere for Captain Marvel!”

Carisa Chen Headshot Photo

Carisa Chen

Senior Photographer

“I play the viola!”

Shannon Doyle Headshot Photo

Shannon Doyle

Senior Photographer

“I was a competitive baton twirler as a kid.”

Ian Hanson Headshot Photo

Ian Hanson

Senior Photographer

“I lived in Antarctica with penguins this one time.”

Arlo Haseman Headshot Photo

Arlo Haseman

Senior Photographer

“I can play three instruments!”

Evan Kolodzek Headshot Photo

Evan Kolodzek

Senior Photographer

“I can take a photo with no hands.”

Sam Wagner Headshot Photo

Sam Wagner

Senior Photographer

“I've seen my work on local news, The Current, and Netflix.”

Ann Reinitz Headshot Photo

Ann Reinitz

Customer Service Associate

“I love wolves!”

Lana Steward Headshot Photo

Lana Steward

Customer Service Associate

“I enjoy collecting antiques.”

Ben Christensen Headshot Photo

Ben Christensen

Graphic Artist

“I really like Loons. And if Spencer says he likes them more than me, he is lying.”

Sarah Laudenbach Headshot Photo

Sarah Laudenbach

Graphic Artist

“Halloween is my favorite holiday!”

Zac McCloud Headshot Photo

Zac McCloud

Graphic Artist

“I was an Army Medic with the 101st Airborne Division.”

Olivia Mechelke Headshot Photo

Olivia Mechelke

Graphic Artist

“Sports Star Photography took my hockey photos when I was little!”

Amy Holmberg Headshot Photo

Amy Holmberg

School Administrative Designer

“I think that Muppets Most Wanted is the most underrated and underappreciated movie to exist.”

Myra Zuraski Headshot Photo

Myra Zuraski

School Administrative Designer

“I am related to Mary Queen of Scots.”

Drew Amundson Headshot Photo

Drew Amundson


“I love carpentry and woodworking!”

John Cunningham Headshot Photo

John Cunningham


“I love roller coasters.”

Heidi Curry Headshot Photo

Heidi Curry


“Back in the late 80s I was a part of the first 'Dad's & Dolls' Dancing in the state of Minnesota.”

Stevie Smith Headshot Photo

Stevie Smith


“I can make bird noises.”

Justin Soeun Headshot Photo

Justin Soeun


“I have a Rubik's cube collection and used to make YouTube videos on them.”

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