Answers to All Your Photography-Related Questions

Have you been searching for the perfect Minneapolis photographer to capture all your special moments and memories? Kemmetmueller Photography is here to help! We know that selecting a photographer can be overwhelming, so look at some of the questions we often hear.

You can always contact our team of photography experts for any other inquiries you might have!

Circle Caret Icon How Do I Get My Photo Download Link?

We will send an ordering link to your email once your photoshoot or Picture Day has been conducted.

We also return each person’s QR code so you can scan them when the pictures are ready, which will take you to your photo gallery.

Parents and purchasers can also scan the QR before the photos are available to pre-register any email.

Circle Caret Icon How Do I Place an Order If I Have Multiple Kids?

Parents with multiple kids must use the same web browser and email address when ordering photos.

When parents open each link in separate tabs, all images and products will go into the same cart, and they will only have to pay one shipping charge.

Circle Caret Icon How Does Your View First Model Work?

Once you receive your photo links/links, you can view, crop, and customize all photos before ordering.

Each player will have three individual photos to choose from for all sports photography portraits, and there is a crop option for both the team and personal photographs, with customizable text options also available.

Circle Caret Icon How Can I Archive & Track My Photos?

We archive every photo we take and always leave the links open. You can always contact us if you need help finding the link for any job.

Circle Caret Icon Do You Have Coupon Codes?

We custom-make coupons/discount codes only when needed.

Circle Caret Icon How Do I Submit a Ticket to the Support Ticket System?

If you have any questions or concerns about your Picture Day or order, please contact info@k-photography.com

Circle Caret Icon What Does Your Day-Of Photoshoot Process Consist Of?

Every client will have a scheduled picture time. When clients arrive on-site, we hand out the QR code packs. These contain every person’s individual QR code. We get all the individual photos done first and do any group photos afterward.

Circle Caret Icon What Areas & Locations Do You Service?

We book photoshoots throughout the Minneapolis metro area and beyond!

Contact us from Stillwater to St. Cloud to schedule photoshoot services in your area. We're all over Central Minnesota!

Circle Caret Icon What Is Your Capacity or Limit for Photoshoots?

We have some Picture Days where we'll do individual photoshoots or headshots and some days where we'll do 150 sports teams! We're very flexible and have a large and experienced staff.

Most of the time, it comes down to when you want to schedule and how many other jobs we already have on the books on that specific day.

Circle Caret Icon Do You Provide Social Sharing Options for Photo Purchases?

We offer digital downloads for every photo purchase.

Circle Caret Icon How Do You Prioritize Privacy With My Photos?

Each person’s photo gallery is password protected. Users will only see their photos and group photos.

You will never have to dig through a bunch of random other photos to try and search for your portraits.

Circle Caret Icon How Can I Schedule a Photoshoot?

You can contact us online or email scheduling@k-photography.com or josh@k-photography.com to get on our calendar!

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